The team of Ecole Montessori Bilingue de Rueil-Malmaison:
Educators are trained to the Montessori method, they are graduates of the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale). Teacher training is essential, it requires one year of full-time study for each age group.

School Principal

Brigitte JELEN began her interest in Montessori pedagogy in 1998 in San Francisco while working as a volunteer in a shelter for homeless children. Following this inspiring experience, she embarked on an AMI 3-6 training at the Mountainview Training Centre with Vera Kenison, a former student of Mario Montessori, Maria’s son. She taught in Montessori 3-6 in California and then resumed her studies for a PhD in History which she completed in 2007. There followed seven years of university teaching in the USA and then in Turkey. Returning to the Montessori world and guided by her daughter who entered the primary cycle, she completed her AMI 6-12 studies at the Centre Montessori Francophonie in Archamps in 2015. She has taught elementary school children in Spain, Switzerland and finally in France where she became head of the Montessori Bilingual School in Rueil-Malmaison in August 2019.

2-3 year old child community

Gabriella Gialloreto and Natalia Angel.

Pictures : Natalia Angel

Children’s House 3-6 years old:

Sinead Heslin, Florence Bareyt, Anne-Camille Khelalfa.

Joanna Salibi and Claire Nicolaï.

Elementary Classes 6-12 years old:

Alison Huneau and Yannick Demard.

Florence De Corta and Brigitte Jelen.

Our mission

Learn and flourish with confidence

We believe education is helping life by offering children an environment in which they can develop their personality and live up to their full potential. Seen as such, education lays the foundation of a responsible society, aware of how everyone depends on everyone, and fosters peace. We want everyone to progress with confidence and benevolence.

Our goals:

Confidence and joy

The autonomy and independence of the children

Their creativity, initiative, and self-discipline

The taste for learning, curiosity, effort, and finding satisfaction in a job well done

The development of social skills including tolerance, sense of service and responsibilities

Academic notions are learnt in a fluid manner because they are passed on at the right time, according to the rhythm of each pupil.

Bilingual teaching

In today’s world, speaking several languages perfectly is essential.  Being able to speak several languages is a great asset. This develops executive functions, increases creativity and concentration abilities, and improves intellectual agility and faculties of adaptation.

Therefore, our school offers its pupils a bilingual environment in which children are exposed daily to English and French through immersion. The children learn the new language progressively, without needing translations or proper language classes. They learn through songs, nursery rhymes, books, but mainly through the repetition of daily activities.

Each class is led by two adults, one French-speaking and one English-speaking. The Montessori equipment is presented in both languages.

Our pupils are exposed to different cultures as much as possible. This task is made easy because our pupils come from many different countries. The presence of English-speaking and French-speaking children creates the perfect atmosphere to foster bilingualism. The children get use to the concept and the sounds of another language from a very young age.

Furthermore, being able to understand various cultures fosters open-mindedness.