The group

A message from our founder:

“I have enjoyed working in the field of childcare by creating and managing for 10 years one of the leading corporate daycare groups in France. Taking care of children made me discover an extremely rewarding and hopeful profession.

Enriched by my professional experience and having to find an alternative education solution for my 4 year old son, I decided at the end of 2016 to create a first school. Cube School Boulogne-Billancourt thus opened its doors on September 3, 2018. In parallel, a second school, Ecole Montessori Bilingue de Rueil-Malmaison, joined our group in May 2017, followed by a third school, Cube School Saint-Germain-en-Laye, in September 2021. Finally our 4th school, Ecole des Orchidées, joined our network in May 2022.

Today, many of us parents are looking for alternative educational solutions to help our children blossom and develop their potential. Our four schools, bilingual and Montessori, respond to this need by focusing on three fundamental pillars: mastery of fundamental knowledge, bilingualism and the development of social and behavioral skills.”

Tristan Micol, President of FrancEcole

Our philosophy

Open up to tomorrow’s world.

Any education project is linked to a vision of society and mankind. Our world is in constant evolution, driven by important technological advances that generate deep changes in our work, our society, and our culture. Therefore, personal development is becoming essential.

The teaching curriculum of our schools is helping children becoming the independent adults of tomorrow, aware of their needs but also those of others, open to diversity, adaptable, and able to express and develop their own talents and interests. In our schools, they will develop know-how, good manners, and soft skills.   

“Let’s not raise our children for today’s world as the world will have changed by the time they are adults. Therefore we must in priority help children foster their faculties of creation and adapatation.”

Maria MontessoriThe Discovery of the Child. Scientific Pedagogy – Vol. 1

Our pedagogical beliefs

  • Our schools are places designed for the transmission of know-how (the fundamentals: reading, writing, thinking, and expressing yourself) and soft skills (self-discipline, care, and empathy).
  • Our pedagogical project promotes, above all, the autonomy and the development of each child: we want children to be happy to come to school because they feel personally supported in a caring and benevolent environment.
  • Our approach is helping children grow their confidence by becoming aware of their abilities and qualities.
  • The child learns better in a concrete context, with meaningful implications, and when he or she is involved.
    This is the reason why the educator prepares an environment in which children can select their activities while being constantly supported.
  • The small scale of our schools and classes make them an ideal environment for children to develop their social skills.
  • Our approach is fostering in children a taste for efforts and discoveries, pleasure in learning, care and concentration.

Our teams of childhood specialists and teaching professionnals

FrancEcole provides the human and material resources to ensure our pupils and their families receive the best possible service and support. Three internal committees are working to make sure each child is well and developing at his or her own pace, by placing the child at the centre of all our decisions:

Our teaching committee

This committee consists of three teaching professionals who define our teaching project and adapt it each year, and support our school principals in their daily activities.

Our medical committee

Represented by a doctor practising at Hôpital Necker (France's main children hospital), this committee looks after the physical and mental health of the children by defining the health protocols in place in our schools.

Our Lab committee

The committee imagines fun and innovating activities to pique the curiosity of children.

“Through my books for children and their parents, I wish to pass on my passion for the Montessori approach.  My goal is to provide practical tips to help and support children respectfully, at this time of their life that is the foundation of the construction of their personality. It is also what is driving me to invest myself in the CubeSchool project that is offering a solid Montessori offer associated to Labs that allow children to apply the teachings in real-life experiments, this association is the innovation making the school unique! “

Charlotte Poussin
Member of FrancEcole Teaching Committee
Author of the books: “Que sais-je ? La pédagogie Montessori ” published by PUF, and “Apprends-moi à faire seul: la pédagogie Montessori expliquée aux parents” , “Montessori de la naissance à 3 ans” and “Montessori de 6 à 12 ans” published by Eyrolles.